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‘Moro’ style broad bean and fresh cheese salad

June 22, 2010
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Moro is a wonderful restaurant: one which make you want to know how they made their deep fried chickpeas; their divine caramelised figs. My Rough Guide to Food co-author and I ate there last week to celebrate being on the shortlist for a Guild of Food Writer’s Award (we won!) and it was perfect: relaxed atmosphere (nicely judged service), unusual wines, wonderful looking and tasting food.

My Moro starter of broad beans and fresh cheese was so delicious that I decided to add it to my repertoire of salads. Coincidently, a few days later at Bath Farmers Market, I spotted the perfect cheese for this salad: a fresh ewes milk cheese made by Somerset artisan cheesemaker Tim Homewood. Scooping up mint and broad beans from Chris Rich’s vegetable stall and chili flatbreads from the Thoughtful Bread Company I was in business.

This is quick and easy to make and loved by all around the table (well, all except for my culinarily unadventurous 11-year old daughter).


Handful of Broad beans per person (boil for about 6 minutes)

About 4 Squashy black olives per person (tear the olive off the pip)

Handful of rough-chopped mint; few dessertspoons of fine chopped parsley

– mix the above ingredients with a simple lemon, olive oil, S&P dressing.

Add 1 dessertspoon of fresh (curd or soft) cheese per person – sliced- and drizzle a little dressing over it. ** you could use grilled halloumi or feta as alternatives

Serve with fish and new potatoes – or as a starter with interesting bread.

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