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March 17, 2011

Pushing the last few posts aside for a moment as I just cannot resist the urge to bake cakes.

I have just bought the wonderful new Pam Corbin book on CAKE and if her book on Preserves is anything to go by this will become a trusty kitchen standby. One of the excellent River Cottage Handbook series, this looks great with its 1950’s pink and yellow cover showing a deliciously crumbly Victoria Sponge.

Inside it just gets better: it’s like a whirlwind tour of my childhood with rock buns, fairy cakes (so much nicer than cup cakes), Bara Brith, even my old Hedgehog birthday cake is there! This is a great combination of tried and tested classics such as gingerbread, fruit cake as well as successful twists on old favourites such as salted caramel shortbread (am trying this one first being a big fan of Paul Young’s salted caramels).

There are nice personal touches with a cake inspired by ‘Hebe, the naughtiest dog we’ve ever had’ involving chocolate and courgettes – wonder how this squares up to Riverford’s chocolate and beetroot brownies?

I now have the delightful prospect of cooking my way through Pam’s book and will blog the best.

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