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Kitchen Kit

I’m developing a list of what you need in your kitchen – no snazzy gadgets (well maybe the odd one) just really good tools for cooking.

For starters:

Lemon zester. The strong Cristel one is excellent and a joy to use

Long Sveico vegetable peeler (Swedish). The only one I can use: it’s very fast and easy to use. £2.50 from Amazon

Cast iron saucepans: Small and medium (Le Creuset last brilliantly and are worth the initial investment). Look out for special offers.

Non-stick frying pans: small (for Spanish tortillas) and large (for Crepes – and fry-ups)

Cast-iron griddle (Aga do a really good one) or search rural hardware shops for unbranded ones

Sharp, strong and well-balanced knives (‘K’ Sabatier or Robert Welch). No need to get a whole set – start off with a long (8″) wide blade for speedy, effective chopping, a bread knife and a smallish 5″ knife.

Zyliss Susi garlic press: sometimes you want your garlic thoroughly squashed and this is the tool for the job – strong and effective. The New York Times voted it ‘best garlic press’.

A solid ‘box’ cheese grater

Cake tins: if you’re lucky enough to be in NYC then head to Dean & Deluca in Greenwich Village (shops in Washington DC and California too) for their brilliantly solid long-lasting cake tins (and so much else). When looking for tins go for heavyish, metal tins which look like they’re going to last.

Fluted tart tins:8″ (for exquisite chocolate or fruit tarts) and 10 or 12″ (for large vegetable tarts)

Round sandwich cake tins: 2 x 8″ (loose-bottomed and about 2″ high sides)

Brownie tin

Heavy baking tray

Roasting tin

Jam tart tin (for any little cakes, tarts or even Yorkshire puddings)

Loaf tin x 2 (for all that bread you’ve been meaning to make – or for fruit cakes, banana bread)


To be continued…


Good suppliers – please send in your recommendations for excellent local kitchen suppliers


Kitchens in Bristol, Bath and Cardiff is excellent with a very wide range of modern and traditional gadetry

Kitchener in Cheltenham is an Aladdin’s cave of a shop

Jones Home Hardware, Castle Street, Hay-on-Wye – wonderful old-fashioned hardware shop with lots of unbranded cast iron pans and griddles

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