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Vegetable Boxes

Cheap* organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables delivered to your door (free delivery in most cases)

I’m a big fan of veg boxes. They’ve completely changed the way organic farmers can supply customers – by cutting out the middleman; providing a real alternative to the ubiquity of supermarkets.

I have a Riverford box (and all the extras such as clotted cream, hummus, milk, eggs and yoghurt – even organic fizzy wine sometimes…) as I used to live near the farmshop in Devon and remain very attached to it. Set up by organic pioneer, Guy Watson, this multi award-winning organic farm business (most recently it won the Observer Ethical Awards) which has created an entirely new business model for organic farming. One which benefits both the partner farmers and customers.

There are also lots of excellent very local schemes too – so check out the different suppliers in your area. We recommend the best boxes by region in our Rough Guide to Food.

*Good Housekeeping research showed Riverford to be cheaper than supermarkets for organic produce. I’ve tested this on many occasions and it is almost always cheaper (and far tastier) than supermarket organic (which is often imported).

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