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The Rough Guide to Food

** WINNER, 2010 Guild of Food Writers annual award: Derek Cooper Award for Campaigning and Investigative Food Writing or Broadcasting

Rough Guide to Food

Foreword by Guy Watson, Riverford Farm

Find out more about the food you eat

From Fairtrade to supermarket secrets; cooking from scratch to GM v. organic, this book takes you through the complex issues surrounding the food we grow, sell and eat.

We outline the real options facing individuals and show how the food you choose affects the local, national and global food world.

After thirty years of intensive farming, supermarket dominance and global multinationals controlling what we eat, many of us are questioning where our food comes from. But again and again we find we know very little about what we buy and eat. This book aims to get behind the wall of secrecy surrounding UK food to give you the knowledge you need to make informed choices.

Part of the well-known Rough Guide series, this book takes a well-researched and balanced look at the complex issues surrounding the modern food world and explores how we’ve got to where we are today.

It  offers advice on how to eat better: local, seasonal, organic, grow-your-own together with a regional directory of some of the best of British food on our high streets (and mail order too).

The Rough Guide to Food

  • Regional food directory
  • Listings for farmers’ markets
  • Best veg box schemes
  • Guide to growing your own

320pp, over 100 illustrations


Part I: The food chain
How it began
All in the soil
Farming today

Food processing

Organic food

Part II: Global food
A global trade
Climate change and food miles
Free trade or Fairtrade?

GM and the future of food

Part III: How we eat
Food culture
What is healthy food?

Part IV: Real choices

The supermarkets

Real food (Farmers’ Markets; the High Street; Veg Boxes)
Grow your own

Part V: The directory

Regional food shop listings

Mail order

Food Books

ISBN-13: 978-1848360013

RRP £12.99

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